Exhibit Theme for 2018: "A Nation of Immigrants"

A Nation of Immigrants


There are many aspects of this topic, from a view of the melting pot that has formed our country, to the terrible exploitation and injustice that many residents are still trying to overcome. We hope you will create a piece that will reflect your feelings on the gathering of immigrants that has become the United States of America.


Please bring your framed pieces, no larger than 16" x 20" in overall size, to the January meeting. We welcome pieces all through the year and can add them when we move to a different venue...so please bring them any time!


We would like to keep the pieces for the calendar year, for display at libraries around the area. The pieces will be returned at the next years Christmas party. Three dimensional pieces, such as books, are welcome, but some venues may not be able to securely display them.



                                                              FEBRUARY - Boise Public Library

                                                              MARCH & APRIL - Idaho City Library

                                                              MAY - tba

                                                              JUNE - Eagle City Hall

                                                              JULY - Ada County Library at Victory & Five Mile

                                                              AUGUST - Eagle Library

                                                              SEPTEMBER - Garden City Library

                                                              OCTOBER - Lake Hazel Library at Five Mile & Lake Hazel

                                                              NOVEMBER - Caldwell Library (101 Dearborn St.)

                                                              DECEMBER - Exhibit pieces are returned






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