Exhibit Theme for 2017: "There's No Place Like Home"

There are many expressions of the central role that "home" plays in our lives, whether you refer to a house, city, state, or country. Our theme for the Inkspots 2017 traveling exhibition focuses on quotations that express your feelings for that place where, "when you go there, they have to take you in." as Robert Frost once stated. America is a very mobile society, and many of our members have lived in varied locations through their lives. This exhibit will give you a chance to express your feelings of affection and commitment to those places that have represented "home" to you.




                                                              FEBRUARY- Boise Public Library

                                                              MARCH & APRIL- Idaho City Library

                                                              MAY- Boise Library at Cole & Ustick

                                                              JUNE- Eagle City Hall

                                                              JULY- Ada County Library at Victory & 5 Mile

                                                              AUGUST- TBA

                                                              SEPTEMBER- Garden City Library

                                                              OCTOBER- Lake Hazel Library on 5 mile

                                                              NOVEMBER- Caldwell Public Library on Dearborn

                                                              DECEMBER- Exhibit pieces are returned






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