Exhibit Theme for 2021

"Once Upon a Time"


Although we think of this phrase in relation to fairy tales, current events may direct our thoughts to themes of hope and happy endings.
Share your favorite quote on the idea of traditional and contemporary stories that entertain and enlighten us.
Please provide framed pieces with a maximum size of 16 x 20 inches (including frame), and plan to have it ready by the third Thursday in January.
At this time some of our venues are not accepting exhibits, and we are working on alternatives. We are actively looking for other spaces for the exhibit, and we would like to hear of any possibilities from you. Lea Bateman - King is in charge of the exhibit, please contact her if you have any suggestions for venues.
We are planning to host a digital exhibit on the Inkspots website, with high quality photos that can be accessed to an online view of the show.
We will need to have photos of the pieces without the glass in the frames. You can provide such a photo, or, with your permission, we will take the photo.
Another item we will feature in the newsletter will be a detailed review of the pieces in the show. This review will examine the creative and practical decisions behind each piece, such as the artist's reason for selecting the quotation, style of lettering, materials, etc. as well as any sources of inspiration/frustration encountered as the work developed.
Plan to have your pieces completed by the third week in January, hopefully to be delivered to an in-person meeting.

We welcome pieces all through the year and can add them when we move to a different venue...so please bring them any time!


We would like to keep the pieces for the calendar year, for display at libraries around the area. The pieces will be returned at the next year's Christmas party.  more questions: ask Lea - Leakingink55@gmail.com



                                           FEBRUARY - Boise Main Public Library

                                           MARCH - Idaho City Library

                                           APRIL - Idaho City Library

                                          MAY - Boise Library at Cole and Ustick

                                          JUNE - Idaho City Library

                                          JULY - Ada County Library at Victory and 5-Mile

                                          AUGUST - Eagle Library

                                          SEPTEMBER - Meridian Library 

                                          OCTOBER - Lake Hazel Library (cancelled)

                                          NOVEMBER - Caldwell Library (cancelled)

                                          DECEMBER - Exhibit pieces are returned



For ALL questions regarding the  Inkspots Guild, please email us. We'd love to hear from you!



are held the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise announced. There are no meetings in June & July. An annual picnic is held in August and in December we celebrate the season with great food and Dave's (infamous?) trivia game!

The guild meetings are held at "Vineyard Boise" 4950 N. Bradley St. in Garden City at 7:00 - 9:00 pm.




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"A mistake is a creative mark waiting to be found."(overheard in a Peter Thornton class)