All monthly meetings are held in the basement of the Community of Christ Church, 408 N. Garden (corner of Morris Hill and Garden) on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.

There are no meetings in the summer months of June and July or during a workshop month.




NOVEMBER  15th: Guild meeting, 7pm  Heather & D'Ann will demonstrate pointed pen variations and teach us how to make beautiful pointed pen snowflakes/stars! Bring paper, pointed pens and ink.


DECEMBER 7th: The annual Christmas Pizza Party will be held on Friday, Dec 7th at 7pm at the Parkcenter Mall Smoky Mountain Pizzeria, 415 E. Parkcenter Blvd., East Boise. All current members are invited and may bring a guest.


   After a delicous dinner of pizza and salad, we will try to win Dave's (in)-Famous Trivia Contest. (only some            questions are calligraphy-related, so spouses/guests are most welcome to lend support to their team!)

We will also have some fun with our gift exchange! Bring a wrapped gift, it can be a "white elephant" or calligraphy related, handmade or store-bought, $15 or less.


  And...there's more! We will have a Silent Auction for some recently donated items from an artist who has moved away. These items are all art/calligraphy/graphic design related. Adjustable triangles, French curves, sumi ink sticks, vintage pen holders and nibs, and much more! So come prepared to bid on your favorites. All proceeds go to the Inkspots to help with guild expenses.


  Also, please take home your exhibit piece as Lea will be picking them up from the last tour stop (Caldwell Library) at the end of November. If you cannot attend the party, please arrange for someone else to pick up your piece for you.


Please RSVP to D'Ann as soon as possible. 

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