All monthly meetings are held in the basement of the Community of Christ Church, 408 N. Garden (corner of Morris Hill and Garden) on the 3 Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.

There are no meetings in the summer months of June and July.



FEBRUARY 15th Meeting: "The Decorated Envelope" Bring your own decorated envelopes, markers, pens, colored

             pencils, pencil for sketching, eraser. Envelopes & idea sheets will be available at the meeting.


MARCH 15th Meeting: "Pointed Pen Flourishing" with Heather Rohnert.        


             ALSO THIS MONTH:

             March 1: First Thursday St. John's Bible at the Boise Art Museum

             March 14: St. John Bible Open House at St. Alphonsus McCleary North Building. 4-7pm We will be writing    

                            names on bookmarkers and hosting a demo table.

             March 29: "Goodie Bag Assembly Party" to put together packets with bamboo pens to send to Seattletters.

                            It will be held at D'Ann's home at 7pm. Please rsvp if you can make it!


APRIL 19th  NO MEETING --we will have our Spring Workshop April 28-29 with Paul Herrera: "Inscription Carving on

             Slate".                                  SEE WORKSHOP FLYER BELOW:



MAY 17th Meeting: TBD


JUNE & JULY: no guild meetings


AUGUST: Annual Guild Picnic






Slate Inscription Workshop by Paul Herrera
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"Contained in every bottle of ink is at least one good letter—so keep dipping!"(overheard in a Peter Thornton class)