All monthly meetings are held in the basement of the Community of Christ Church, 408 N. Garden (corner of Morris Hill and Garden) on the 3 Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.

There are no meetings in the summer months of June and July.


FEBRUARY 15th Meeting : "The Decorated Envelope" Bring your own decorated envelopes, markers, pens, colored

             pencils, pencil for sketching, eraser. Envelopes & idea sheets will be available at the meeting.


MARCH: There will be no guild meeting this month due to the following events:

             March 1: First Thursday St. John's Bible at the Boise Art Museum

             March 14: St. John Bible Open House at St. Alphonsus McCleary North Building. 4-7pm We will be writing    

                            names on bookmarkers and hosting a demo table.

             March29: "Assembly Party" to put together packets with pens to send to Seattletters


APRIL 19th Meeting: "Flourishing" with Heather Rohnert.

             28-29th SPRING WORKSHOP with Paul Herrera: Inscription Carving on Slate


MAY 17th Meeting: TBD


JUNE & JULY: no guild meetings


AUGUST: Annual Guild Picnic






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"Contained in every bottle of ink is at least one good letter—so keep dipping!"(overheard in a Peter Thornton class)