All monthly meetings are held in the basement of the Community of Christ Church, 408 N. Garden (corner of Morris Hill and Garden) at 7:00 pm



Dave will have some basic patterns for us to use. Please bring some pencils (colored, regular or mechanical), an eraser, a ruler, and a few letter-sized sheets of paper. We always have plenty to share as well!


OCTOBER 7 & 8: Sharon Zeugin will teach "ROMANS"


NOVEMBER 16: "The Illuminated Letter"

Please bring a large soft brush, goldleaf burnisher (if you have one) gouache and/or watercolors and/or colored pencils, water container, 2 small pointed brushes, mixing palette, paper towels, padding to put under the letter, #2 pencil, eraser, small ruler, bone folder and a SMILE!  We have some letters for you to choose from, but you may bring your own favorite letter too!

(We will if you don't have everything...come anyway!)


DECEMBER 8th 6:30 pm: Our annual CHRISTMAS PIZZA PARTY at Smoky Mountain Pizza at Park Center. Bring a $15 gift (preferrably Calligraphic in nature) EVERYONE IS WELCOME! (please rsvp to Lea if you are coming so we can order enough pizza)


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"Contained in every bottle of ink is at least one good letter—so keep dipping!"(overheard in a Peter Thornton class)