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February Guild Meeting

  • February 17, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Vineyard Boise Church 4950 N Bradley St Garden City, ID 83714


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Feb 17, 2022

7PM - 9PM

Vineyard Boise Church,

auditorium 2

4950 N Bradley St

Garden City, ID 83714



Put on your old bomber jacket and grab your bullwhip, or zip up your Super Hero costume! Dave Kuwahara will present two lettering tools: one that dates to medieval days and the other that was born out of modern convenience. Many medieval manuscripts were written with reed pens, and Dave will guide us through the steps for cutting your own reed pens. If you are fumble fingered, Dave will do the cutting for you. We will also make our own folded pop-can pens, for modern letterforms that display the "chatter" we can get from the thin blades of pop-cans.

Supply lists - Dave will have any supplies you'll need, just show up if you don't have the stuff below.

For both pens

Practice paper (layout bond works well, or good quality copier paper), water soluble ink (walnut ink, gouache, etc). Dave will have ink on hand for you to use. Bring along any scraps of good paper that you might have on hand to try out, a small water container for rinsing the pens, a pen rest, and paper towels.

Reed pens

    If you want to try cutting your own, bring a sharp pen knife (narrow, thin blade-the small blade on a two bladed Swiss Army knife works well, don't go out and buy one!) Band aids.

Pop-can pens

    An empty pop can, not crushed, a couple of inexpensive unsharpened pencils, electrician's tape, EMT scissors or good quality kitchen shears. Bring the kitchen shears only if you have the permission of the person who uses them in your household.

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